To Beat the Competition, You Need to Understand Them

With Jaaxy you have access to one of the most critical, yet hardest to discover metrics. The TRUE keyword competition. If you want to master keyword research and rank at will, the competition data revealed at Jaaxy for specific keywords is going to give you the true competitive edge.

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Whether you are an Internet marketer, a local marketing company, an SEO firm, or a fortune 500 firm looking to get access to keywords for your business, Jaaxy produces the keyword data you need in a matter of seconds. Traffic, competition, QSR, ranking and domain data are available for billions of search terms. Not to mention the ability to perform up to FIVE searches at once with multithreaded search functions.

A growing database of 100's of MILLIONS of keywords, Jaaxy is the most powerful, accurate, and robust keyword research platform on the market.

10.8 minutes
Average Time Saved Per Search

99.7% Search Engine Coverage

Google, Bing and Yahoo data are pulled directly within Jaaxy, offering you a 99% keyword and associated data coverage for all of your searches. These 3 Search Engines own 99.7% of all search traffic online. You are in the KNOW. You are going to have unparalleled access to ALL search engine data.

The Ultimate in Keyword Management

Save, store, share, export and manage all of your keyword research activities with Jaaxy's state of the art keyword management platform. It has never been more efficient to manage your research activities and leverage this data for your own personal or business insights, but also to hand off to your marketing and content development teams.