Competition Analysis

Analyze your SEO Competition

Sometimes the best way to WIN at SEO is to understand what your competition is doing and determine what "ranking factors" are contributing to their rankings. This can be easily determined through the Search Analysis algorithm in Jaaxy which will take the results from any search and uncover what the top ranked websites are doing.

Reverse Engineer Any Successful Website.

Want to enter into a new niche with unbelievable success without spending time doing complex and complicated market and competition research?

This is a reality within Jaaxy as you will be able to reverse engineer any successful website, right down the the keyword density, meta tags, alexa rank, content insights, and backlink insights. To be a "success" you have to first understand "success".

Different Search Engines. Different Rankings.

Most marketers haven't a clue what ranking factors contribute to rankings in Google, whereas which ones will rank your website in search engines such as Bing and Yahoo which rely on completely different ranking factors and algorithms.

With Jaaxy you are going to be able to efficiently analyze rankings across ALL search engines.