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Domain flipping is business model where you find a domain related to a keyword that has a high number of searches and low amount of QSR (Quoted Search Results). In this simple case study, I am going to show you how I was able to find a domain name with high search queries and then sell the domain for a quick profit.

The Challenge

To find a .com, .net or .org domain name with high search volume and low amount of website competition and sell the domain name right away in anticipation for profit.

When looking for a keyword specifically with the intention of domain flipping, I usually look for an exact search volume of at least 2000 a month with a QSR of 200 or less.

The Solution

When working on this case study, I didn’t have any set niche in mind. Usually ideas and niches tend to pop in my mind based on my surroundings, so I was confident something was going to come up sooner of later.

Now, during this time, there was a big gaming convention called E3 which I usually like to follow for 2 main reasons:

  1. I am a closet gamer
  2. Video games are a great niche to work on as an affiliate

Xbox was due to announce a big release for it’s staple game called Halo, so my ear was to the ground. To give you an idea of how popular Halo is, they reached an estimated first-day sales of $200 million when Xbox released Halo Reach.

Then they finally announced the release of Halo 4 with a video trailer of the game and immediately, my marketing brain came into play..

Halo 4 Cheats
Halo 4 Walkthrough
Halo 4 Wiki

These are typical search terms for video games, so I simply entered the term Halo 4 into Jaaxy and here is what I got back.

Keyword: Halo 4 Wiki

Monthly Searches:


SEO Power:

I was actually surprised that there were that many searches for a Halo 4 wiki already with the game not even released yet.  I do know that game fans tend to be loyal thus why there were so many searches for information that isn’t even available yet!

The Wiki niche was looking pretty good so I needed to find a domain related to the keyword. Jaaxy has a feature where you can search for available domains right within the application. Here were the results.

The .com was available, so I snagged that up right away for $8 USD.

Once I had the domain, I immediately set it up on some hosting and created a quick blog to give the domain some ‘curb appeal’. I also added the following:

* The Gmail Address: halo4wiki@gmail.com
* The YouTube Account: youtube.com/halo4wiki
* The Twitter Account: twitter.com/halo4wiki
* The Halo 4 Facebook Fanpage

Adding these other social elements to the package, gives the domain more value when selling. I used the Gmail Address to set up all the accounts so it would be easy to transfer everything.

So how much did the domain sell for?

Someone ended up grabbing the ‘domain package’ for $50 which included the domain, the blog and all the other social elements which made me a quick profit of $42.

The time involved with this project was very small as it took me a few minutes for the keyword research, about 30 minutes to buy the domain and set-up the quick blog and an additional 30 minutes to set-up the social elements.

In conclusion, domain flipping doesn’t need to be large scale business model and can easily turn a quick profit over and over again.

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