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When I am doing keyword research, I don’t like the idea of potentially missing keywords.

Jaaxy is wonderful for finding keywords, but when doing research you want to be as thorough as you can, truly seeking out every last corner of your niche.  In other words, finding every keyword gem that is out there (and there are lots of them left).

Because of this, I would like to share a keyword research technique with you that I have been using for about a year and a half…ever since the rollout of Google Instant.  It is very easy to do, and very easy to conquer an entire niche of keywords.

There are 2 tools that you need for this research technique:

(1) A keyword tool (ideally Jaaxy)
(2) Google Instant

That is it.  Most of us have a keyword tool, and if you are reading this, you could very well have access to Jaaxy.

Finding the initial core search term.

If your niche is promoting keyword research tools, you might want to start with the core term “keyword”.

My Initial Keyword Search
As you can see, when I type in a search term, Google Instant starts giving me suggestions.  It typically shows the “most popular” searches first, in this case the term “keyword tool” was the most popular extension of the term keyword.

I then dump this keyword in Jaaxy…

Jaaxy Search - Keyword Tool

I get thirty very targeted results.  You can see the little icons beside some of these search terms and this is because I have saved them to a keyword list.  This is the initial process.  Choose a root keyword that is relevant to your niche so you have a starting point.

I want to look at another example here just for clarification purposes.   I have an android phone (the Samsung Nexus, not too bad!), so I am going to do the exact same thing here.  Start with a Google Instant search…

Android phone google instant search

OK, it looks like “android phone reviews” is the most popular.  My next step is dumping this search term into Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Search - android phone review
I have a bunch of keywords.  But this is just the start of this technique! :)

Walking through the alphabet

The next thing we are going to do is go through the entire alphabet with our root search term.  In the case of the example above, these root terms are “keyword” and “android phone”.    We are going to start by typing the letter “a” next to the search term.  Remember, Google Instant will give you the most popular searched terms first.

Let’s look at what “keyword a” gives us in Google Instant:

keyword a search in Google Instant

What I want to do now is walk through some of the terms related to “a”.  I usually choose ones that I am interested in, in this case I chose “keyword analysis”.  I then plugged this into Jaaxy.  Here is what I get…

keyword analysis search in Jaaxy

Some more excellent keywords (I have indicated some really low competition ones with red arrows).  I have only search ONE term under the FIRST letter as well.  If you walk through the entire alphabet in this same fashion, you are going to get a ton more results.  Go through the “b” terms, then the “c” terms, etc.

**Note that everything within Google instant is not going to be in keyword tools.  Google Instant is sometimes much more current as keyword data can be a month delayed.  Google instant also does produce search terms that don’t get searched, so sometimes this will be the case.  The key is leveraging every keyword possiblity here.

Storing your research into a list (search terms)

As you can see, there is a green icon next to many of the search terms.  This is because I am storing a lot of the ones that I want to use to a keyword list in Jaaxy. I recommend that you do this during all of your keyword research.  It allows you to revisit awesome keywords at any time you like in the future!

Just a little tip! :)

The “Before” Keyword Variation

There is another way to utilize Google Instant to get at keywords, this time instead of using the alphabet after the search term, we are going to use it before the search term. Note that this time you DO NOT want to put a space between the letter and the keyword.

In the example of “android phone” targeting the letter “b”, you would type in a “b” before “android phone” (make sure that it is already in the search).

Here is what I mean:

b android phone search - Google Instant

I then take the first term “best android phone” and plug that into Jaaxy.  Who would have figured, several more low competition keywords!

Jaaxy Search - best android phone

As you can see, I have added more keywords to my list.  In just a few searches and two letters in the alphabet, I have a ton of awesome terms. Imagine the potential if I walked through the entire alphabet? This is just the start of the keyword opportunities!

You move onto the next “root” keyword after you have completed one.  To be completely honest with you, YOU SHOULD NEVER run out of keyword ideas if you do this.  I know I could find keywords for a lifetime using this technique alone.

To never being stuck with keywords again,



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I have owned businesses within the online world since 2002 and been a regular contributor to many blogs, including regularly within WealthyAffiliate.com and StreetArticles. I primarily write about topics related to keyword research, pay-per-click marketing, content development, and online business.

Comments (9)

  • Patricia Margaret Bruce
    November 20, 2011 at 2:06 pm |

    Kyle -

    Thank you for the awesome tips! I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, contributed articles to StreetArticles and now this???

    I subscribe to Jaaxy and have LOVED it from day one.

    Only problem with Jaaxy is that it is so fun to do keyword research that you can lose track of time and spend hours at it before you know what happened!!

    Thanks again, Kyle, for all your awesome tips and programs! You make this easy :)

    Patricia Margaret Bruce

    • Kyle
      November 21, 2011 at 2:29 am |


      Yeah, I find myself getting lost in Jaaxy doing research for hours. It is insane how many low competition niches, keywords and domains are still out there, isn’t it! Glad you are liking Jaaxy and that this information could be of use to you. Lots of awesome stuff coming! :)

  • NV
    November 21, 2011 at 12:32 am |

    Hi kyle truly those technique are truly gems. I’ve been using them for some time now and because of it I’ve created Cargo Van Central!

    Thanks for letting others no about and and by the jaxxy is the awesome. I am finding so many keywords with little competition.

  • Russ
    January 16, 2012 at 2:31 pm |

    Kyle, I have been using this alphabet tactic ever since Google Instant came onto the scene. It is an absolute beautiful tactic to expand your keywords. Great job explaining…

  • Roy
    February 2, 2012 at 8:14 pm |

    When google instant came out I use to play with it much like described in this blog post. Who would have known how close I cam to stumbling on this techmique myself. I would get a phrase from entering a broad keyword and then then google instant would keep giving me suggestions. I then started putting letters after the broad keyword and get even more suggestions. Like I said I was just playing and never really applied it. But now I see how it can be beneficial. Thanks

  • onyebuchi
    February 24, 2012 at 2:29 pm |

    i am happy to learn from your tutorial it is enlighten and educative , but the question i am asking is, does it bring traffic to your websites.

    • Kyle
      March 19, 2012 at 5:39 pm |


      Keyword research will lead to traffic if you take action on the keywords (by creating content in some form). Knowing which keywords will get rankings is pure power and can lead to a good deal of traffic. A tool won’t actually do the work for you in terms of content generation.

  • Adhy
    March 6, 2012 at 8:46 am |

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I have a very short experiences about jaaxy ( I used it in trial period ). Ther is something question left in my mind.
    how we compare the keywords that jaaxy provide us with the google search result. Is it according to the board result or according to the exact search match?


    • Kyle
      March 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm |


      We don’t rely on just Google data. Every search result is based on exact match, the match type you are concerned with when doing keyword research. The other match types simply serve as a distraction.

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