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Jaaxy Found Me A Great Keyword! Now What?

Written by Jay. Posted in Jaaxy Training, Keyword Research

Have you ever found a great keyword for a niche, but were not sure what exactly to do with it? I wanted to give you some insight on what you can do with an awesome keyword that you would find in Jaaxy. There are a plethora of possibilities, but it certainly depends on the chosen niche.

Now before we determine what can be done with a great keyword, let’s make sure the keyword is a ‘buyers keyword’ with profitability.
Here are some factors on what makes a keyword potentially profitable.

Are They Kicking Tires or Taking a Test Drive?

Some keywords are search terms where the user is simply accessing information about a niche and not necessarily interested in purchasing. this is commonly associated with ‘info about’ keywords. For example, if you look at the screen capture below, you will notice there are a variety of search terms where users are looking for general info.

I simply entered ‘info about’ into Jaaxy for these results.

Although these search numbers seem appealing and have a low quoted search results (QSR), are they keywords where users are ready to buy? I am going to say no. These keywords are great for blog posts or articles that would link back to your websites for a SERP boost.

A SERP boost is when your website climbs the ranks in the search engine result pages.

Do They Need it Or Want it?

This is a great determining factor on how quickly they purchase an item.

For example:
If a person has just purchased an expensive camera and wants to protect it, they would purchase a case based on the want.
How about if a person just had a baby and needs to order diapers, they would purchase them based on the need. By the way, people do buy diapers online!

wanted product may not be at the tail end of the purchasing lifecycle, but they still intend to buy!
A needed product would be at the end of a purchasing lifecyle and would probably purchase right away.

By taking into account some of these factors, we can determine if a keyword is potentially profitable.

Got the keyword.. Now What?

There are certainly a plethora of possibilities once you have found a keyword and this would be somewhat based on what exactly the keyword is. Let’s go out and find a keyword for the camera niche.

After a few minutes of research (about 10 minutes), here is what I came up with.

But upon further research (another 5 minutes), I have found the keyword I would use.

That keyword also has the .org available which is a contributing factor to ranking keywords in the search engines. I have also saved my keyword list inside Jaaxy and can come back to it at any time for article keywords.

So here is what I would do with that keyword.

Step one: Buy the domain

This is pretty basic, simply click the buy domain button within Jaaxy and that would take me to Godaddy. I would make sure I set my nameservers during the purchase of the domain purchase as this tends to be quicker.

Step two: Add Domain to Hosting

This is usually a very quick step depending on who you are hosting with but  I would add the domain to my hosting account and wait for the domain to be live.

Step three: Create a WordPress Website

There are some hosting companies that have simple wordpress installations where it only takes a few clicks to get the site rolling and this is how I do it. Once wordpress is installed, I will then tweak the settings in the following way:

Settings > General

  • Check Site Title and change Tagline
  • Change Time zone to my city
Settings > Writing
  • Enable XML-RPC for remote publishing (for ipad)
  • Add more ping services to Update Services

Settings > Discussion

  • Remove ability to comment
  • I manually set this for each post

Settings > Privacy

  • Ensure it is set to allow Search Engines to index

Settings > Permalinks

  • Custom Structure: /%postname%

Step four: Add Content

This is where I will start to implement my keyword on the website home page. Here are the details of the set-up and site site layout.

  • Change category from ‘Uncategorized’ to the keyword
  • Add new pages:
    My Main Keyword page
    Privacy Policy
  • Change ‘Settings > Reading’ to:
    Front Page:  My Main Keyword page
    Post Page: Blog

From here, I would continue to add valuable content on the site and off the site on a high quality article directory such as StreetArticles as they tend to rank very fast in the search engines.

As you can see, implementing a plan for keywords isn’t that difficult as long as you stick to your plan and do some research prior to setting up any website projects.  This is just one example as to what can be done with a keyword that could be found with a few minutes inside Jaaxy!


Alphabet Soup – The Most Comprehensive Keyword Research Technique

Written by Kyle. Posted in Google keywords, Keyword Lists, Keyword Research

When I am doing keyword research, I don’t like the idea of potentially missing keywords.

Jaaxy is wonderful for finding keywords, but when doing research you want to be as thorough as you can, truly seeking out every last corner of your niche.  In other words, finding every keyword gem that is out there (and there are lots of them left).

Because of this, I would like to share a keyword research technique with you that I have been using for about a year and a half…ever since the rollout of Google Instant.  It is very easy to do, and very easy to conquer an entire niche of keywords.

There are 2 tools that you need for this research technique:

(1) A keyword tool (ideally Jaaxy)
(2) Google Instant

That is it.  Most of us have a keyword tool, and if you are reading this, you could very well have access to Jaaxy.

Finding the initial core search term.

If your niche is promoting keyword research tools, you might want to start with the core term “keyword”.

My Initial Keyword Search
As you can see, when I type in a search term, Google Instant starts giving me suggestions.  It typically shows the “most popular” searches first, in this case the term “keyword tool” was the most popular extension of the term keyword.

I then dump this keyword in Jaaxy…

Jaaxy Search - Keyword Tool

I get thirty very targeted results.  You can see the little icons beside some of these search terms and this is because I have saved them to a keyword list.  This is the initial process.  Choose a root keyword that is relevant to your niche so you have a starting point.

I want to look at another example here just for clarification purposes.   I have an android phone (the Samsung Nexus, not too bad!), so I am going to do the exact same thing here.  Start with a Google Instant search…

Android phone google instant search

OK, it looks like “android phone reviews” is the most popular.  My next step is dumping this search term into Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Search - android phone review
I have a bunch of keywords.  But this is just the start of this technique! :)

Walking through the alphabet

The next thing we are going to do is go through the entire alphabet with our root search term.  In the case of the example above, these root terms are “keyword” and “android phone”.    We are going to start by typing the letter “a” next to the search term.  Remember, Google Instant will give you the most popular searched terms first.

Let’s look at what “keyword a” gives us in Google Instant:

keyword a search in Google Instant

What I want to do now is walk through some of the terms related to “a”.  I usually choose ones that I am interested in, in this case I chose “keyword analysis”.  I then plugged this into Jaaxy.  Here is what I get…

keyword analysis search in Jaaxy

Some more excellent keywords (I have indicated some really low competition ones with red arrows).  I have only search ONE term under the FIRST letter as well.  If you walk through the entire alphabet in this same fashion, you are going to get a ton more results.  Go through the “b” terms, then the “c” terms, etc.

**Note that everything within Google instant is not going to be in keyword tools.  Google Instant is sometimes much more current as keyword data can be a month delayed.  Google instant also does produce search terms that don’t get searched, so sometimes this will be the case.  The key is leveraging every keyword possiblity here.

Storing your research into a list (search terms)

As you can see, there is a green icon next to many of the search terms.  This is because I am storing a lot of the ones that I want to use to a keyword list in Jaaxy. I recommend that you do this during all of your keyword research.  It allows you to revisit awesome keywords at any time you like in the future!

Just a little tip! :)

The “Before” Keyword Variation

There is another way to utilize Google Instant to get at keywords, this time instead of using the alphabet after the search term, we are going to use it before the search term. Note that this time you DO NOT want to put a space between the letter and the keyword.

In the example of “android phone” targeting the letter “b”, you would type in a “b” before “android phone” (make sure that it is already in the search).

Here is what I mean:

b android phone search - Google Instant

I then take the first term “best android phone” and plug that into Jaaxy.  Who would have figured, several more low competition keywords!

Jaaxy Search - best android phone

As you can see, I have added more keywords to my list.  In just a few searches and two letters in the alphabet, I have a ton of awesome terms. Imagine the potential if I walked through the entire alphabet? This is just the start of the keyword opportunities!

You move onto the next “root” keyword after you have completed one.  To be completely honest with you, YOU SHOULD NEVER run out of keyword ideas if you do this.  I know I could find keywords for a lifetime using this technique alone.

To never being stuck with keywords again,



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