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As a free member of Jaaxy, you can either get unlimited credits within the system by signing-up as a member ($19/mth), or you can earn more credits by letting other people know about the free access to Jaaxy. It really is an easy sell, because well, you are not selling anything. You are giving away free access to the top keyword, market,and niche research tool online!

How it Works

Ever person that joins Jaaxy is an affiliate, meaning you can promote Jaaxy through your affiliate links (find them at Affiliate Program => Affiliate Resources). For every person you refer to Jaaxy that signs up for free, you will earn an additional 10 search credits. This can add up very quickly. Some members that share Jaaxy frequently are using the tool full time for free because of their referrals.

Get 10 sign-ups = 100 search credits
Get 100 sign-ups = 1,000 search credits
Get 1,000 sign-ups = 10,000 search credits!

When you refer someone, the credits will go directly into your account.  I made 2 referrals in my account and have done 7 searches.  This is what my free account now looks like (30 + 20 bonus – 7 searches):

That is not the only opportunity. When you refer someone to Jaaxy and they create a free account, you are their referral for LIFE. If at any time in the future, they end paying for the full priced tool (which many people end up doing), you earn $8/mth recurring affiliate commissions.

This may not seem like a ton, but it adds up very quickly. Average retention for paying members is close to 12 months, some people will stay members for several years.

The average (with retention) is $90+ commission per referral, and this continues to rise. If just 30 of your referrals sign-up, you can expect to get a payment of close to $2,700! Not bad for referring someone to a free tool.  Here is a full video explaining how you can earn more search credits just by letting people know about Jaaxy:

That leads me to some techniques that you can easily implement to attain free referrals and earn loads of free search credits within your Jaaxy account.

6 Techniques You can Implement to Earn More Search Credits

(1) Social Networks – Most of you reading this are likely part of more than one social network. Many of you likely have people that you are “friends” with or “groups” you are part of that would be very interested in a free service like Jaaxy.

Simply get your affiliate link from the Affiliate Program => Affiliate Resources page. Here are some places that you could include this link:

  • Your Facebook Wall
  • Share it on your Friends Facebook Wall
  • Within Facebook Groups
  • Tweet about it on Twitter
  • Share it on Google +
  • Share it within your LinkedIn Account
  • Pin an image on the Jaaxy page and add your affiliate link (on Pinterest)
  • Share it within your MySpace account
  • Post it on your Tumblr pages
  • Share it on any other social network that I haven’t mentioned

(2) Email Your List – If you have a mailing list in the Internet marketing niche, you have a lot of power here. You are not only going to get 1,000’s of free search credits, you are likely going to be able to earn a good deal of revenue. Not only are your subscribers going to love you for letting them know about the free search offer, many are likely going to end up signing-up, becoming a very good residual income stream for you.

If you don’t have a mailing list (or don’t know what I am talking about), then you can email your friends your affiliate link, telling them about the Jaaxy 30 Free, giving them some insight into the tool and the benefits. We all know someone that is interested in online business, and in order to succeed online you need to understand keywords.

(3) Create a YouTube Video – If you are create videos, creating a keyword research tutorial or creating a Jaaxy review and then dropping your affiliate link within the description can lead to a lot of exposure and a lot of referrals. If you are a video creator, I highly suggest you take advantage of this technique.

(4) Add promotion to your website – If you have a website that you could effectively promote Jaaxy 30 Free on, then you should take advatnage of it. There are several ways you could easily benefit from this:

  • Create a blog post explaining Jaaxy 30 Free
  • Create a keyword research tutorial of you using Jaaxy
  • Offer a challenge or contest that people are entered into if they join Jaaxy Free
  • Give away keywords, and tell people where they can get more (for free)
  • Add the Jaaxy Search Toolbar to your website (find it on Affiliate Program => Affiliate resources page)
Jaaxy - Affiliate Resources Page

(5) Forums – Are you a member of any forums? If so, you can let people know about Jaaxy free today. Add your Jaaxy link to your affiliate signature with appropriate supporting text.

Ex. Get 30 free searches using Jaaxy, the Worlds Most Powerful Keyword Tool

Forums are an easy, yet effective way to get the world out.

Take Action!

My task to you today is to take advantage of at least two of these techniques. I think you will be surprised as to your results and how many search credits you and affiliate revenue you will be able to earn by giving away something for free. :)

If you have any questions about the Jaaxy referral system, let us know and we will give you a hand.

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